Conversational intelligence, like instant messaging chatbots, allow individuals to interact with artificial intelligence. These interactions create new ways to access content, services and care. But how do we know for certain what the AI is doing? Was the content supplied accurate, were the correct services delivered and did the AI provide the appropriate care?

Internal Audit teams of the future have an obligation to understand how well the AI at their organization is performing. They will have to be knowledgeable about new technologies and how to audit them. There will need to be a willingness to embrace an element of risk, to go deeper with technology in search of new outliers. And audit teams of the future will need to know how to set expectations with the board, gain their support with compliance and unseen risks to keep their seat at the table.

Keeping Your Seat at the Table is an engaging webinar that will explore these  challenges and provide the guidance you need to prepare. Attendees take-aways include:

  • Artificial Intelligence defined and examples of how it will transform the business world
  • An understanding of the unique risks of next-generation automation and AI
  • Gain knowledge of Internal Audit's evolving role and accountability for AI risk mitigation  
  • Receive an implementation framework you can use to engage stakeholders during rapid technology transformation

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Deniz Appelbaum

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, PhD

Dr. Appelbaum is published in Accounting Horizons, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, Auditing: Journal of Practice and Theory, and in other academic journals, based on her research in analytics, big data, and automation in financial auditing and fraud detection. Prior to teaching at Montclair State, her graduate research focused on financial fraud detection with automated analytics, data transparency of governmental financial reporting, drones and robotics in auditing and accounting, and BlockChain and big data as audit evidence. 

Jeffery Sorensen Bio Pic 2019

Jeff Sorensen

Industry Strategist, CIA, CISA, CRISC, CISE, CIDA

Jeff Sorensen serves CaseWare IDEA and the internal audit community as an Industry Strategist. Over his 25 years’ of experience, Jeff has earned various certifications and designations in information technology, auditing and security from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, the Institute of Internal Auditors and CaseWare IDEA. Jeff is frequently invited to international conferences and panels to share his expertise as a guest presenter.